Safety-Cutting-edge technology used in preparedness for a major earthquake. Every precaution has been taken to ensure earthquake resistance.

Outstanding earthquake resistance properties due to the combination of a vibration-damping structure and a base-isolation structure.

Use of the innovatory TASMO-HD structure which combines a vibration-damping structure and a base-isolation structure. This is an outstandingly effective structure for dealing with the  long-cycle seismic movements that bring about extensive damage to high-rise buildings.

TASMO-HD is a structural system that combines a vibration-damping structure and a base-isolation structure. The vibration-damping structure prevents the input of seismic vibration into the building, absorbs seismic energy by means of the border beams (Loyal beams) set between the wall columns, and significantly prevents the building from shaking during an earthquake. Monitoring of the floor and the beams by means of an acceleration gauge and a strain gauge makes it possible to ascertain the soundness of the building as a whole all the time. Since this building is more than 60 meters in height, it has been evaluated for performance by performance evaluation organizations, after which it has been certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to ensure that it is based on the highest standards of earthquake resistance. The TASMO-HD structure is a system that is particularly effective in dealing with earthquakes that occur over long cycles and long durations since the base-isolation structure reduces the effects of earthquakes while the seismic energy is absorbed from the base isolation unit even with recourse to the Vibration-damping structure above. The safety of this structure has been fully verified through earthquake simulation involving the creation of simulation seismic motion in respect to the seismic motion that is thought likely to occur in the case of a major earthquake in the Kanto region, which may well involve seismic motion occurring over long cycles and durations.

Conceptual diagram of the cross-section of the building


Base-isolation structure

Vibration-damping structure

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