Located at the very heart of Minatomirai. Easy direct access to the station without exposure to rain and inclement weather.

Area map

Enlarged map of area

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Area map

Enlarged map

※The map is excluded part of buildings and avenues.

Access by train (from Minatomirai Station)

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Illustration of rail access

Illustration of rail access

※The required times listed above are those applicable at ordinary times on weekdays and do not include times required for changing trains and waiting. These durations may vary at different times of the day.

Moreover, it will be possible to reach Ikebukuro Station without changing in 42 minutes once mutual trackage begins between the Fukutoshin Line and the Tokyu Toyoko Line in 2012.

Direct access on the Tokyu Toyoko Line and the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line using the Minatomirai Line.

※The required time is based on an assumption of the time that will be required once mutual trackage has begun in 2012 and has been calculated by adding the time required to travel to Shibuya Station on the Minatomirai Line and on to Ikebukuro Station.

Airport limousine from Y-CAT( Yokohama Sky Building 1F)

※Calculated on the basis of a car traveling at a speed of 40 km an hour. There may be differences depending on traffic conditions.