Location / In the vicinity can be found the wide range of business, commercial and cultural facilities that symbolize Minatomirai. This is a great area equipped with a full complement of infrastructure.

※ The perspectives are only images and may be different from actual conditions upon completion. The details may be subject to change.

Based on highly detailed urban planning,the Minatomirai area is all about concern for the environment, disaster prevention and an attractive appearance.

This is an area that aims to realize a futuristic urban environment appropriate for the 21st century. More and more companies are setting up in the area, and many are even establishing their head offices here. It's an area that's becoming ever more important as a hub for business. The main supports include a fully equipped infrastructural environment that remains one step ahead of the times and a transport network that makes it possible to travel smoothly inside and outside Japan.

Utility tunnels that improve the urban landscape and help to prevent urban disasters.

A local heating and cooling system contributes to the efficient use of thermal energy.

The quakeproof berth can serve as a facility for providing essential materials if an earthquake of natural disaster should occur.

A groundwater tank for use in the event of a disaster is able to store drinking water for emergency use.

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