Office Spec- A comfortable office environment equipped with the latest technology.

Spacious atmosphere accommodating multi-purpose functions needs.

Each floor can be divided into a maximum of 8 zones to accommodate various needs. When a single side is divided into 4 sections, each zone will still cover as much as 386 or 451 square meters.


Detailed air conditioning control with 64 zones per floor.

The 8 air conditioning zones and 64 VAV (variable airflow devices) zones efficiently regulate airflow, allowing extensive savings in energy consumption.Out-of hours operation and temperature setting can be controlled in each VAV zone on a dedicated website.

Air conditioning and VAV zoning diagram

A square office floor enabling a layout with plenty of leeway.

Sufficient room for 200 people in a square area with no dead space, thereby permitting a layout full of leeway despite an area of 8.25 square meters per person.

Example of layout
Example of layout

※ The drawings are only images and may be different from actual conditions upon completion. The details may be subject to change.

Creating an attractive and comfortable office environment.

Full security.

Security staff are stationed 24 hours a day at the Emergency center to provide extensive manned monitoring. Access to and from the building, as well as the offices, is controlled by non-contact IC cards. Elevators stop operating after each floor has been fully vacated. Passive sensors are installed in each of the smallest partitioned zones. The Emergency center reacts timely as the sensors catch any sign of suspicion, such as trespassing.


The grid ceilings adjustable to diverse needs.

The grid ceilings allow the complex ceiling facilities to be readily adjusted within its capacity, including the installation of partitions. This cuts down on moving expenses, as well as resources.


Exclusive internal stairs can be installed.

Exclusive internal stairs may be installed for more convenience and better security. (Such stairs are limited up to 3 floors. Tenants are responsible for all installation costs.)


2 refreshment corners installed on each floor.

Each floor is equipped with 2 kind of refreshment corners, one for smokers and other for non-smokers providing office workers with relax.


Use of a highly reliable power reception system involving spot networks.

The power reception system makes use of a 3-circuit spot network. This makes it possible to supply electric power even in the unlikely event of a power transmission accident occurring on a single line and thus guarantees stable supply.


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