Direct access to the office from the station. A highly convenient multistory, low-rise laminated structure.

An entrance approach forming part of a single unit with the living garden covering2,600 square meters that offers a sense of enrichment.

Living garden

Living garden

Parking facilities for 352 vehicles on the 1st-basement of the building.

Conceptual drawing of the floor structure

※This is a conceptual drawing based on plans and is different from the actual dimensions.

Living garden
Living garden

Living garden

The shops and living garden in north on the building

Smooth flow line from the entrance hall on the 1st-floor to the office area and the commercial area.

The 1st-floor entrance hall and the central mall by the side of Keyaki Ave.

The 1st-floor entrance hall and the central mall seen from the living garden.

The large atrium space on the 1st and 2nd-floors and the escalator leading directly to the 3rd-floor office lobby.

※The perspectives, drawings, etc. are only images and may be different from actual conditions upon completion. The details may be subject to change.

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