Ecology-Equipped with environmental performance set to become the benchmark for future office buildings.

Approach to the environment

Set to acquire the top"S" rank at CASBEE by Yokohama City Government./Approach to the environment at "Minatomirai Center Building"

Reducing the use of electric power for lighting by creating a sunny common area by means of T-Soleil (see below).

Reducing energy costs by means of natural ventilation achieved by means of the Eco-Void chimney effect.

Achieving an outstanding heat environment through the use of Low-e glass and an intricate VAV (variable airflow devices).

Reducing heat and CO2 emissions through the use of local heating and cooling system.

Contributing to prevention of the heat island effect by landscaping the living garden full of greenery over an area of 2,600 square meters.

Reducing noise and vibration by means of state-of-the-art structures.

CASBEE Yokohama

The system set up by the Yokohama City Government, aimed at ensuring that thorough attention is directed to the environment when constructing new buildings, has been in effect since 2005, and Yokohama is the municipal authority that has pioneered efforts along these lines. Known as CASBEE Yokohama, this system is aimed at lowering the burden that buildings place on the environment specifically by reducing environmental pollution, noise generation, consumption of energy and resources, and the emission of waste. Efforts are also being made to facilitate maintenance and management and to ensure durability with the aim of maximizing the life of indoor spaces and buildings which are of such importance for their users, and to ensure quality and performance of buildings with attention given to physical appearance and general aspect, matters that have a significant influence on the local environment.


Employed T-Soleil, an automatic solar light tracking system through Eco-Void. Reducing the amount of electric power for lighting while realizing a pleasant lighting environment.

Eco-Void is installed primarily in the common areas of the office floors in "Minatomirai Center Building". Making use of this space, a solar light automatic tracking system known as( T-Soleil) has been introduced with the aim of allowing sunlight to enter the building through the use of three different types of mirror. A gentle and pleasant light environment brings peace of mind and dynamism to the offices and at the same time contributes to savings of electricity for lighting.

Mirror reflection structure

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